2G Expertise (Petroleum Geology & Geophysics Consulting)

Our Services

2G Expertise Inc. provides a full range of geological and geophysical services in Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Development projects.

Our main competitive advantages  in our services are:

  1. High quality projects performed by high quality professionals
  2. Low and competitive cost in market

   Technical & technological capacity of the company 2G Expertise Inc.

    2G Expertise with its qualified team is able to cover any project/s in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production/Development. We have a high qualified multi-disciplinary team of very professional people to be engaged in any reservoir characterization project. Their main expertise is in following specialties:

    • Structural and Stratigraphic interpretation of Seismic Data
    • Reservoir Geophysical specialists for AVO and Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization
    • Reservoir petrophysical analysts
    • Geomodeling Specialists
    • Reservoir Geologists
    • Reservoir Engineering specialists
    • Geomechanics specialists
    • Geochemistry specialist
    • Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing Design and Supervising specialists
    • Project coordinator/lead

      A- Production, Development and Integrated Reservoir Studies.

Ø       Reservoir Characterization as an integrated (multi-disciplinary) study: petrophysical analysis, structural and Stratigraphic/Sedimentologic study based on seismic and wells data, reservoir geophysics ( AVO and Seismic inversion), Production and reservoir Engineering.

Ø      Geology of Reservoir (Geomodeling based on well logs and  seismic interpretation)

Ø      Petrophysical Study

Ø      Reservoir Engineering (core, petrophysical, drilling, production,  and fluid data interpretation and analysis)

Ø      Static and Dynamic Reservoir modeling

Ø      Reservoir property Evaluation and estimation of OGIP reserves

Ø      Reservoir Simulation and Field Development Program

Ø      Workover / Re-completion of existing wells and completion of new wells

Ø      Expert in Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Reprocessing Design and Supervising

    B- Oil and gas Exploration Studies.

Ø     Exploration in compressional, extensional, or salt tectonic environments.

Ø     Exploration in all carbonate, clastic and salt-evaporite depositional environments

Ø     Stratigraphic and Structural framework of the basin

Ø     Expertise in structural geology, Sedimentology and Sequence stratigraphy

Ø     Experience and expertise in conventional and unconventional reservoirs

Ø     Regional study and Prospect Generation

Ø     Play and Prospect Evaluation

Ø     Risk Assessment of Exploration Prospects

Ø     Exploration Economics

Ø     Prospect portfolio building and support

Ø     Well programs and drilling operations