2G Expertise (Petroleum Geology & Geophysics Consulting)











 Reservoir Engineering

Ø     Expertise in evaluation of  existing oil pools (conventional, unconventional oil/gas and heavy oil) for enhanced oil recovery.

Ø      Provide engineering reservoir expertise to optimize the recovery and increase oil and gas reserves.

Ø      Find and develop new EOR opportunities on existing and prospective company assets in cooperation with area teams.

Ø      Develop overall field development plans for different EOR projects, including, but not limited to chemical flooding.

Ø      Coordinate laboratory procedures aimed to assess EOR project feasibility for different pools.

Ø      Experience in Geomodeling (Petrel)  & application of  Geostatistics

Ø      Reservoir Characterization & Uncertainty Quantification

Ø       Experience in Reservoir Geomechanics (stress analysis, coupled reservoir-geomechanical simulations),

Ø       Probabilistic Data Integration and resource estimation to support SAGD well/drainage-area placement optimization in reservoir development.

Ø      Perform reservoir simulation as part of the EOR projects, from conceptual models to pilot and sector simulations to eventually full field models.

Ø      Evaluate oil and gas reservoir performance, depletion strategies, infill drilling, re-entering and completion.

Ø      Perform reserve evaluation, technical and economic evaluations.

Ø      Conduct reservoir simulation to evaluate reserves, recoveries and predict reservoir performance.