2G Expertise (Petroleum Geology & Geophysics Consulting)

Our Team of Experts

Caush Xhufi, Ph.D., P.Geoph.

Sr. Geophysicist / Geologist/ Project Manager


  • Over 30 years experience as seismic interpreter with a strong geological background in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.
  • Professional experience spanned in various international sedimentary basins:
    • Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin – Exploration of reef complexes in Devonian and Mesozoic carbonates and clastics, as well as exploration of complex structural traps in thrusting areas of Rocky Mountains (Foothills).
    • Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela - Interpretation of  3D seismic data, seismic attributes analysis for reservoir characterization in development of clastic and carbonate reservoirs.
    • Gulf of MexicoExploration and Development Projects – offshore, sub-salt and sub-shale targets and dealing with problems of seismic image because of variations of velocity model.
    • Sirt Basin, Libya. Exploration of structural-stratigraphic traps in clastics and carbonates.
    • Adriatic Basin and Albanides Thrust Belt zone-Exploration and development of stratigraphic and structural prospects in carbonates and clastics.
  •  worked with and leaded  multidisciplinary (seismic, geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and reservoir modeling) teams and have necessary experience for integrated geological – geophysical interpretations
  • expert in  structural and stratigraphic interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data
  • experience in training courses for new specialists in the field of seismic and geologic interpretation.
  • Member of  SEG, AAPG, EAGE and CSEG.


Roxana Varga, M.SC.,

Sr. Reservoir Geophysicist


  • Senior Geoscientist with M.Sc. in Geophysics/Geosciences and more than 20 years work experience in oil and gas industry with strong project management and leadership skills
  • Experience as team lead with more than 10 years’ experience in reservoir characterization and AVO Inversion studies; worked on more than 21 AVO inversion projects; worked on 7 projects in the last 3 years; with more than 5 publications and presentations 
  • Expertise in deterministic and geostatistical/stochastic inversions, simulation and co-simulation, rock physics modelling, AVO/LMR and seismic attributes analysis, facies and fluid probabilities, volumetric calculations, spectral decomposition, curvature analysis, depth conversion, planning horizontal wells
  • Expertise in reservoir geophysics with integration of geological and engineering data, advanced 3D seismic analysis and petroleum system analysis to identify new plays and generate prospects
  • Expertise in conventional and unconventional reservoir characterization using advanced seismic attributes  by building relationship between elastic, petrophysical and engineering properties to mitigate the risks in well planning
  • Expertise in structural and stratigraphic seismic data interpretation,interpretation of multi-component seismic data, 3D visualization of seismic and attribute data
  • Worked with integrated exploration and production teams in various depositional settings for both, clastics and carbonates
  • Excellent skills inanalyzingandintegratinggeological, geophysical and economic concepts
  • Experience in processing/acquisition of seismic data including multi-component, VSP and micro-seismic
  • Proficiency in the use of the following software: Jason JGW package (InverTrace, RockTrace, StatModMC, RockMod, FFP), PowerLog, Transform interpretation software, Ikon RockDoc,  HampsonRussell (Geoview, LihoSI, ProMC, AVO ,Strata, Emerge), IESX-Geoframe(Schlumberger), Seisware, GeoLOG(Paradigm), Petrel, Kingdom Suite Interpretation package, Accumap, MatLab, ProMAX.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to function with in a team environment, provide training to geoscientists in QI geophysics.
  • Member of SEG and CSEG.



                 Natalya Ionkina, P.Geoph.

                  Sr. Reservoir Petrophysicist/Geophysicist


  • Over 30 years of experience as Senior Reservoir Geoscientist/Petrophysicist/Geophysicist in oil and gas Exploration and Production industry, with more emphasized expertise in petrophysical analysis techniques implemented in integrated studies for reservoir characterization and field development.
  • Professional experience spanned in several international sedimentary basins in clastics and carbonate formations:
    • Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin – petrophysical evaluation of various conventional and unconventional plays (Montney, Duvernay, etc.); Performed petrophysical and geomechanical characterization of unconventional CBM reservoirs including ash content and gas content estimations, moisture and fixed carbon calculations and mapping; estimating Mannville CBM reserves and resourcePetrophysical analysis of WCSB heavy oil reservoirs (Blue Sky, Gething, Cadomin, Sparky, GP, Lloydminster)
    • USA - Permian, DJ, Anadarko, Fort Worth, Texas, Eagle Ford, San Juan, Piceance, TMS, Appalachian basins  - for new asset exploration, acquisition and divestiture including reserves estimation and reservoir simulation for play de-risking, predicting recoverable hydrocarbons and economic viability.
    • Oman - Geophysical/petrophysical evaluation of Rima satellite oil fields.
    • Yemen - Formation evaluation of heavy oil sand and carbonate reservoirs.
    • Kazakhstan - Economic and production evaluation of Port-Arthur and Saralzhin gas fields; Formation evaluation, reservoir modeling, appraisal and development of in-fill drilling program and optimization of oil production for Tengiz and Korolev fields. Petrophysical evaluation of heavy oil reservoir (Karazhanbas Field), Buzachi heavy oil field appraisal.
  • Extensive experience in evaluation of conventional (clastic and carbonate) and unconventional reservoirs: heavy oil, CBM, tight gas, tight oil, gas/liquid-rich/oil shale reservoirs
  • Extensive experience in research and development of new petrophysical analysis techniques (CMR derived fracture and bitumen porosities, pore size distribution calibrated to core FIB-SEM and MICP data, etc.).
  • Leading/project managing skills in technical study projects (Kerogen Density, CMR Wettability, Capillary Condensation Effect on Hydrocarbon Storage and Mobility, etc.), in supervising field testing of new completion techniques.
  • Extensive experience in Open  and Cased Hole Log Interpretation for reservoir saturation/depletion surveillance.
  • Technical expertise in Production Logging (FlowScanner, GHOST) program design, integration of production logs with core/log facies to predict well deliverability.
  • Extensive expertise in petrophysical analysis (deterministic and probabilistic), and formation evaluation integrating rock properties and reservoir engineering data.
  • Extensive experience in geochemical analysis to assess reservoir fluids geochemistry, HC fingerprinting, distribution of liquid hydrocarbons within a reservoir.
  • Experience in capillary pressure analysis to evaluate reservoir rock quality, determine reservoir initial fluid saturation and depths of fluid contacts, thickness of transition zone, cap-rock seal capacity, pore size distributions for assessment of absolute and relative permeability, reservoir flow capacity, and to approximate recovery efficiency.
  • Extensive experience in rock electrical facies interpretation (Reservoir Quality, Reservoir Deliverability, Flow Units, Flow Restriction zones, Reservoir Heterogeneity Index) and calibration to geological depositional stratigraphic facies and core data.
  • Experience in image data interpretation for fracture, fabric analysis and depositional settings identification; integration with other logs and core analysis data.
  • High level competency in development of reservoir models based on fully-integrated data sets: drilling, geophysical, geological, core, petrophysical, rock physics, well test and petroleum engineering data.
  • Strong competency in reservoir characterization and simulation, upscaling integrated geoscience and reservoir engineering data sets into reservoir static and dynamic models.
  • Strong competency in drilling, completion, well stimulation and workover technologies, as well as in production optimization and EOR technologies for heavy oil (SAGD, CSS, CHOPS, etc.).
  • Significant experience in optimizing the efficiency of shale hydraulic fracturing programs utilizing horizontal wellbore logs and DFIT data.
  • Experience in 2D - 3D seismic data acquisition, processing, QC and interpretation.
  • Extensive experience in mapping techniques of various geological, geophysical and petrophysical properties and building cross-sections in order to capture lateral changes in depositional environment, post-depositional diagenesis, reservoir quality and properties.
  • Extensive experience in prospect generation, reserves evaluation and de-risking, and recommendation of drilling locations and field development strategies.
  • Innovative approach in implementing new reservoir evaluation techniques for cost effective field development..
  • Intellectual Property and Patenting experience in Canada and overseas. IP holder collaboratively with Schlumberger on innovative CBM stimulation technology. Holding 2 patents in mud and drilling data interpretation and integration with well evaluation data sets (Kazakhstan).
  • Computer Skills
    • Highly proficient in the petrophysical interpretation software: GEOLOG, POWERLOG, TECHLOG
    • Paradigm Reservoir Characterization and Petrophysical Analysis Software (Geolog, SeisFacies)
    • Fugro-Jason’s Petrophysical Software: PowerLog with built-in Multimin and Statmin modules
    • Schlumberger TechLog Petrophysical & Geomechanical evaluation software
    • Seismic Interpretation Software: SeisWare, WinPicks, SynSuite, LogEdit
    • IHS Energy Software: Petra, PetraSeis
    • Paradigm Visualization, Interpretation and Modeling Software (VoxelGeo, SeisEarth, SeisX)
    • Accumap, GeoScout, Geographix, Arcview GIS, CorelDraw
    • Oil Field Management (OFM), Saphir
    • Landmark geophysical/petrophysical Software (SeisWorks, SynTool, StratWorks, Z-Map, SCM’s Fault Modeling Procedures, PertroWorks)
    • Schlumberger Petrel, GeoQuest Software (GeoFrame: Finder, LogEdit, PetroView, Elan), Techlog
    • Chevron software (G2/GOCAD++ and CHEERS for reservoir modeling and simulation)



    Reda El Mahdy, B. Sc.

     Sr. Petrophysicist


  • Results-oriented Petrophysicist with about twenty years of diversified experience high-pressure positions in the oil and gas industry for major exploration, producing, and service companies. International areas include Egypt, India, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Algeria, Qatar, Oman and Canada with extensive experience in both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.
  • Worked with prestigious international companies such as: Schlumberger, British Petroleum, Shell Canada, Qatar Petroleum, etc.
  • Expert in all core Petrophysical/geomechanical areas with application to studies, uncertainty management, and support to 3D modeling, field development plans and reservoir management.


  • Expert in conventional and unconventional reservoirs and in open/cased hole programs and tools theories, acquisition, processing and interpretation.
  • Coring and core analysis for measurement of petrophysical parameters and calibration/integration with log results, seismic attributes, reservoir engineering into model,
  • Provided operations support, single-well evaluation, and fully integrated multi-well studies,
  • Concept selection review/FDP models, quantification, managing reservoir/field uncertainty,
  • Provided Saturation Height Function and Permeability models input to reservoir 3D models.
  • Utilized technology integration (BHI, NMR & Dielectric) to reduce reservoir uncertainties,
  • Expert on thinly laminated Sand-Shale analysis (i.e. Turbiditic & Deltaic depositional environments),
  • An expert on CO2 Capture Sequestration.
  • Well-Integrity interpretation e.g. Cement quality evaluation, Perforation, Scaling, Corrosion…
  • Plan, execute & Interpret surveillance logging for water breakthrough and/or water flood,
  • Borehole Pressure data analysis to detect different fluid types, contacts, connectivity….
  • Borehole image processing & interpretation for structural and sedimentological features,
  • Expertise in a variety of Petrophysics software (Techlog, ELAN & GEOLOG).


  • Mechanical Earth Models, and conducted caprock integrity studies,
  • Used models for fracture stimulation, drilling, well placement, controlling sand production,
  • Analog data study and identification of important geomechanical influences,
  • Follow up Frac operations performance i.e. Frac placement/height using radioactive tracers and/or Spectral Noise Frequency,
  • Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP),
  • Guided geomechanical laboratory testing and review,
  • Quantified the geomechanical impact of thermal operations on the reservoir and caprock,
  • Real-time decisions support to maximize efficiency, minimize risk and achieve objectives,
  • Integrated the Geomechanics solution with FDP team and studies with micro-seismic events,
  • New technology to reduce drilling failure, completion risk and optimize reservoir production


  • Mentored junior Petrophysicists, Geologists, Geophysicists and other staff.
  • Rich experience from multi-cultural, multi-ethnic & multi-disciplinary environments.
  • Easily builds rapport with positive interpersonal communication, team and leadership.
  • Known for high achievement, with a creative and energetic approach.
  • Recognized project 'driver' and team player, delivering projects as part of a team.
  • Instructed multiple courses via Schlumberger (NEXT) or individually.
  • Author and co-author of different publications in international conferences.
  • Member of SPWLA, SPE & AAPG


       Reza Asghari, Ms.C.

        Sr. Reservoir Engineer 

        (Business Development Manager for Norway and Middle East)

         2G Expertise Inc. (Stavanger Office, Norway)


     Reservoir Engineer/Petroleum Engineer with 15 years’ work experience with operators and service companies in

     Middle East, Venezuela and Norwegian Continental Shelf, including field development planning

      (onshore, offshore), green field quantification study, mature fields optimization, reservoir

      simulation, reserve evaluation, surveillance data analysis.

     Main Expertise:

  • Expert in Reservoir Modeling, risk evaluations and infill target identification
  • Exposure to reservoir management of mature and exploration fields of various HC types (oil, heavy oil and gas) in sandstone and carbonates formations. 
  • Reserves and Resources evaluations.
  • Expert in preparing a field and reservoir development plan
  • Deliver a technically sound and robust upstream solution for the projects and develop company portfolio
  • Planning data acquisition.
  • Managing multi discipline team of geoscientists and reservoir engineers,
  • Expert in preparing tender documents and presenting proposals in licensing/working meetings on development plans

       Software skills:

  • Dynamic Modeling Software: Petrel-RE, ECLIPSE, NEXUS, IMEX
  • Pressure and Fluid Analysis Software: PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, Ecrin, Saphir
  • Experience with Share point, Lean and other managing tools
  • Production and DCA Software; OFM, Mikon.



            Luis Alberto Villao, M. Sc.

            Sr. Petroleum Reservoir Engineer


  • Over 30 years of experience in Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering with operators, national and international companies.
  • Worldwide experience in Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada, United States-Alaska in different geological environments and formations (carbonate and clastic).
  • Conventional and heavy oil reservoirs, in a variety of roles including exploration, development drilling, completion, workover, field operation, production and redevelopment of mature fields.
  • Expert in management reserves database, reserves evaluations OOIP, OGIP, generate forecast for property evaluations, field development planning and optimization, conduct reservoir engineering reviews of all wells, AFEs analysis.
  • Developed simulation studies using regional models with VIP & ECLIPSE to investigate reservoir interference and locate water disposal wells. Pressure Transient Analysis using PanSystem
  • Liaised with government officials, contractors, services companies and field personnel on engineering reservoir activities, drilling, as well as well completion and test evaluations.
  • Managing and mentoring junior petroleum engineers.
  • Senior Member of SPE, APEGA.
  • Languages: Spanish and English (Bilingual).
  • Nationalities: Ecuadorian and Canadian Citizen.



                Thomas Jerome, M. Sc., P. Geo., PMP
                 Senior Geomodeler / Geologist


  • Senior Geomodeler with 15 years of experience applied in numerous projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (conventional & oil sands), in Canada – East Coast and international (Middle-East, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia…).
  • Expert in Petrel, GOCAD and SKUA.
  • Expert in all aspects of geomodeling: well data management, velocity modeling, structural modeling, geostatistics, reserves estimates, well planning, pre-simulation, programming, auditing.
  • Geologist by background (Master in Geology).
  • Certified Project Manager (PMP) with experience in leading and being an active member of asset teams of geoscientists and engineers.
  • Member of AAPG, CSPG, SPE and SEG   


Tony Sun, Ph.D., P. Eng.

Sr. Reservoir Petrophysicist


  • Senior Petrophysicist in Geosciences /Petroleum engineering and more than 25 years work experience in oil and gas industry with strong project management and leadership skills
  • More than 10 years in reservoir characterization, integrating petrophysical parameters calculated from Log data into seismic inversion.
  • Expertise in multi-well Rock physics Modeling, Fluid Substitution, Porosity substitution, FZI (fluid zone indicator) Substitution and seismic modeling.
  • Extensive exposure to various reservoirs including complex carbonates, clastics, oil sands and unconventional oil and gas (light tight oil & shale gas). 
  • Expertise in geomechanical properties identification & pore pressure prediction.
  • Expertise in borehole pressure data analysis using MDT, RFT.
  • Expertise in multi-well petrophysics and reservoir studies.
  • Expertise in open hole logging analysis including advanced logging techniques using STATMIN, Geolog and/or PowerLog software.
  • Proficiency in the use of the following software: STATMIN (multi-minerals resolver), Geolog, PowerLog, Jason JGW, Hampson -Russell (Geoview, LihoSI, ProMC, AVO Strata, Emerge).
  • Expertise in integrating log data, core, cuttings, mud-logs, strip-logs and etc. into the well interpretations.  
  • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills in a team environment.
  • Highly motivated and energetic approach to my work.  .
  • Presentation and technical report writing skills to peers, partners and customers.



       Danilo Boscan, M. Sc., P. Geo.

        Sr. Sedimentologist-Stratigrapher / Development  Geologist

        2G Expertise Inc.

       Houston Office, Texas, USA


  • Over 30 years of experience as Senior Sedimentologist-Stratigrapher, Consulting Development Geologist, and Senior Technical Adviser for Rock Labs implementation Techniques.
  • BS, Geology: Texas A&M University, Texas, USA, M.Sc. Petroleum Geologist: Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela.
  • Participated as consultant in various Special Geological Projects done for PDVSA by prestigious international companies such as:
    • SHELL, Holland; Operational Geology, Core, cutting, biostratigraphic techniques for Tertiary-Cretaceous,Venezuela.
    • TOTAL, Paris, France: Sedimentology-Sequence Stratigraphy for Bachaquero Field, Lake Maracaibo Basin.
    • Beicip Franlab, Paris , France: Sedimentology-Sequence Stratigraphy for Centro Lago and Bachaquero, Lake Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela.
    • SCHLUMBERGER: Sedimentologist (Clastic and Carbonates) and Rock Specialist (Conventional & Unconventional) for the Reservoir Rock Laboratories –International and National, Sales Engineer NEXT Certified Instructor for Geology, Houston Texas, USA.
  • Participated actively with multidisciplinary team in developing the Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Model for Reservoir Connectivity Analysis and Integration in the Static-Dynamic Models in major Oil and Gas fields in Western and Eastern Venezuela Basins: Maracaibo-Falcon, Barinas-Apure, Eastern-Orinoco Heavy Belt, reservoir type mainly sandstone and some carbonate reservoir, extensional basin regime. Main contributions and expertise have been:
    • worked in integrated team for evaluation of fluid properties and pressure data,
    • wireline log interpretation,
    • seismo-stratigraphic correlation, core description and environmental deposition interpretation (Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy), creating the Sedimentological, Stratigraphic and Structural Framework that support the mapping of the Hydrocarbon contacts, fluid and pressure communications and distribution along the faults that sometimes were in juxtaposition allowing the "fluid spilling" along the reservoirs maximizing the HC recovery and reserves estimation and new wells placement.
  • Core specialist, expert in sampling selection strategies and acquisition: Routine, Advanced Rock Properties for Clastic and Carbonate Petrology, Biostratigraphy, Geochemistry, Geomechanic and Paleomagnetic Orientation of fractures, bedding, in-Situ Stress (Conventional / Unconventional). Created national laboratories protocols for Quality Controls for core analyses and sedimentological applications in reservoir characterization.
  • Proven record in drilling operation, drilling program design and management for vertical and horizontal wells. Core in-situ acquisition, description, evaluation and integration of the information from Cores, Sidewall Cores, Cuttings and (Borehole Image Logs: FMS-FMI, and others) and suite of Wireline Logs acquisition and Core-Image Log Calibrations for exploration and development wells.
  • Computer proficient using all Microsoft Software and Specialized Geological and Sedimentological Software: StratWorks of OpenWorks, Petrel and AppleCORE™.
  • Strong geological teaching, coaching, training experience with proprietary courses in Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Subsurface Mapping Techniques for Oil & Gas in Latin America, USA and Nigeria.
  • Professional Membership: HGS (Houston Geological Society), AAPG (USA) and CIV, SVG, AVS (Asociación Venezolana de Sedimentologos/Co-founder & VP:1997-2003) (Vzla).
  • Languages: Spanish and English (Bilingual).
  • Nationalities: Venezuelan and US Citizen.



               Homayoun Gerami, M.Sc., P.Geo.

                (Seismic Reservoir Characterization)

       Homayoun is a senior Geophysicist, well versed in both surface and borehole seismic domains, with 18 years of worldwide diversified experience in the seismic               industry. During the past eight years, he has contributed to various seismic reservoir characterization projects ranging from clastic, carbonate and unconventional         plays with challenges from tight sand reservoirs to heavy oil, from highly fractured reservoirs to cave systems. Homayoun has routinely utilized techniques such as  simultaneous seismic AVO inversion, stochastic seismic AVO inversion and also 4D seismic inversion for time lapse studies. His main areas of interest are seismic reservoir characterization, lithology/fluid prediction using seismic and well-driven seismic processing


     (Seismic Reservoir Characterization)

  • Seismic Inversion
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Borehole Seismic Processing

      List of seismic reservoir characterization projects performed: 

  • Seismic AVO Inversion, (Kahtalily, British Columbia; Shale Gas)
  • Seismic AVO Inversion (Graham, British Columbia; Shale Gas)
  • Seismic AVO Inversion (Montney, Alberta; Shale Gas)
  • AVO Inversion and Lithology Prediction (Firebag, Alberta; Heavy Oil)
  • AVO Inversion (Dilly, Alberta; Shale Gas)
  • Seismic Data Conditioning and  Reservoir Characterization (ST54, GoM, Sandstone)
  • Seismic Data Conditioning and AVO Inversion (Hamrick, Texas, Sandstone and Carbonate)
  • 4D AVO Inversion (Midale, Saskatchewan; Heavy Oil)
  • Seismic Re-processing and Reservoir Characterization (Nowrooz, Persian Gulf; Sandstone/Carbonate)
  • Seismic Re-processing and Reservoir Characterization (Baiyun, Offshore China; Deep Marine Sandstone)
  • Seismic Reservoir Characterization (South Pars, Persian Gulf; Carbonate)
  • Seismic Reservoir Characterization (Pingbei, China; Sandstone)
  • Seismic Re-processing and Reservoir Characterization (Ton Sak, Offshore Thailand; Sandstone)
  • Seismic Reservoir Characterization (PM308 A & B, Offshore Malaysia; Sandstone)
  • Seismic Re-processing and Reservoir Characterization (Foroozan and Esfandiyar, Persian Gulf; Sandstone/Carbonate)



                  Shkelqim Muskaj

                  Sr. Geophysicist (Seismic data Processing and Interpretation)

                   2G Expertise Inc. (Houston Office, Texas) 


  • Over 25 years Geophysicist with proven practical and innovative record, solid background in Geophysical and Geological (G&G) disciplines. Integrated experience in seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing (time processing/depth imaging) and seismic interpretation in compressional, strike-slip, extensional, and salt tectonic environments, including East Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Brazil, Nova Scotia, Guyana, North Spain, Caribbean, Albania.
  • Obtained experience by leading and participating in various G&G projects undertaken by prestigious international companies such as:
    • Shell Exploration & Production B.V., Albania
    • Repsol USA, The Woodlands, TX
    • CGG (Formerly Veritas-DGC), Houston, TX
  • Industry expert in building velocity model using seismic data and integration of G&G data - the key for a realistic seismic interpretation in areas of complex geology and with presence of salt and shale diapirs. Experience includes Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Brazil, Caribbean, West Africa, North Spain, Portugal, East Mediterranean. More specifically:
    • Innovated an approach by use of a combined wavelet analyzing in pre-stack and post- stack data in order to discriminate shale from salt, which improves entirely the structural image below the salt (applied in GOM - Area 16 and Area 19).
    • Enhanced sub-salt imaging by utilizing different azimuth stacks on rich azimuth data.
    • Improved subsalt image on multi-client data by salt over-hang interpretation, sediment inclusions and sutures.
    • Depth imaging, by utilizing pre- stack and post- stack seismic data.
    • Wrote “Key processing steps and methodology on salt interpretation for depth imaging” a guide for depth velocity model 
  • Expert in seismic data processing 2D/3D | Land/Marine | Time/Depth from field tape to final delivery.
    • Shot/receiver/refraction statics correction
    • Random/Coherent noise attenuation (SI/Radon/SRME/WEM), Seismic Q-Absorption, Depth conversion
    • Seismic migrations: Kirchhoff, Reverse Time Migration (RTM), Wave Equation Migration (WEM), Forward Modeling (FM). Experience on processing seismic data with Narrow Azimuth (NAZ), Rich Azimuth (RAZ), and Wide Azimuth (WAZ)                                                     
    • Isotropic; Vertical Transverse Isotropy/Tilted Transverse Isotropy (VTI/TTI) data processing
    • Quality Control of seismic data in all steps of processing - as an important key for good interpretation.
    • Experience in mentoring new specialists for seismic data processing and interpretation.



                   Andrew H. Cao, M. Sc., P. Geo.,             

                   Senior Geoscientist / Geomodeller / Geosteerer     


  • 18 years’ experience as senior geoscientist and geomodeller
  • Strong geological background and problem-solving abilities 
  • Reservoir characterization, geomodeling and integrated study for carbonate and clastics
  • Geostatistical study and reservoir mapping
  • Evaluation & development of unconventional shale reservoirs
  • Seismic and log interpretations, sequences stratigraphy
  • Real-time geosteering support, LWD/MWD data analysis
  • Shale/ tight reservoirs geosteering & fracture optimization
  • Shale reservoir TOC%, parameters & HCIP estimation
  • Shale oil reservoir sweet spots integrated identification
  • EOR studies, secondary/tertiary oil recovery
  • Good knowledge of reservoir simulation
  • Prospect generation and reserve evaluations

                  Worldwide experience:

  • Conventional oil reservoir,  evaluation and integrated study more than 20 conventional clastic and carbonate reservoirs (WCSB and Canada East Coast, North Sea, China, South America, South Asia, Africa & Middle East)
  • Canadian oil sands and heavy oil projects (Mining/CSS/SAGD): evaluation and modeling many Canadian oil sand thermal projects, evaluation and modeling many oil sand-mining projects.
  • Heavy oil projects (South American): Integrated study and modeling many major heavy oil fields in Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. 
  • Managed detailed gas field characterizations, stochastic modeling, reserve detailed calculations (Sulige Gas Field)
  • Conducted Production analyses, and development plan and progressive exploration (Qijia Oil Field, China)
  • Designed numerous exploration and development wells, which increased production rates and resulted in the discovery of structural and stratigraphic gas pools (Ya13-1 Gas Field, China)
  • Conducted integrated reservoir study and designed new recovery plans. Characterized reservoir heterogeneity and proposed and implemented development plan, with a resultant enhanced recovery factor of 20 percent. (Huzhuangji Oil Field, China)
  • Member of APEGA, AAPG, CSPG, SPE.



            Alex Falkovsiy, Ph.D.

             Geophysicist / Geologist


          Over 20 years experience as geophysical professional mainly in seismic data processing and geophysical software developer for improvement of seismic data quality

  • 2D & 3D-3C seismic data processing expert
  • Geophysical (seismic) software developer/expert
  • Developed methods and workflows for seismic data conditioning for AVO-compliant processing
  • Improvement of seismic data quality by:
  • Ground roll and power line harmonic noise attenuation
  • Cadzow / SSA rank-reduction random noise attenuation
  • Seismic data interpolation and regularization
  • Time-variant spectral whitening for enhanced resolution
  • Created shot angle gathers for AVO application
  • Created workflows for the new 3D converted wave tool package
  • 2D and 3D re-binning to improve trace fold distribution
  • Processed seismic data in various regions of Western Canadian sedimentary basin
  • Proficient in G&G software: ProMax / SeisSpace, OpendTect
  • Software developer of geophysical and seismic data processing applications
  • D. Geology & Mineralogy with K. Satpayev Institute of Geological Sciences, Kazakhstan
  • Sc., Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Kazakhstan State University
  • Several scientific publications and presentation in geosciences organizations conventions
  • Active member of SEG and CSEG 



              Hadi Ashtiani Abdi, M.Sc.,

            Senior Geomechanics Specialist


  • Geomechanics specialist with 12 years of experience in onshore and offshore (clastics and carbonate formation) fields, including office based study/modeling projects and operations.
  • Expert in 1D Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) and Wellbore Stability (WBS) analysis/study/modeling to optimize drilling operation.
  • Hands on to 3D geomechanical modeling in horizon to full field scale. High exposure to completion Geomechanics (sand management & hydraulic fracturing) and casing failure (collapse/ shear) analysis
  • Mechanical property modeling of target formations
  • Wellbore stability/ Casing collapse/ Reservoir compaction/ Sand production/ Hydraulic fracturing modeling of target reservoir/non-reservoir formations
  • Current stress modeling of target interval
  • Petro Technical Expert- Drilling Geomechanics- Schlumberger- Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq (2014-2017)
  • Geomechanics Advisor (Iranian Offshore Oil Company - IOOC - 2010-2014)
    • Supervised and managed the geomechanical projects (MDP/ Laboratory/ Modeling)
    • Leading geomechanical projects belonging to different NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) including integrated studies, software modeling, report preparation, and final presentation.
  • Geomechanics Engineer- National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) - 2008-2010
  • Main projects performed for Geomechanics services:
    • 1D to 3D geomechanical modeling of Zubair field (Carbonate, Sand and Shale) to mitigate drilling risks, decrease nonproductive time (NPT), and optimize drilling operations. Client: ENI/IPM, November 2015-Feb 2017
    • Drilling optimization study through geomechanical modeling, (Carbonate and Shales), Field: Faihaa, Client: Kuwait Energy, 2016.
    • Pore pressure prediction/ Mechanical Earth Modeling/ Wellbore Stability study of the 1st exploration well (wild cat)- Field (Carbonate): Halabja exploration block, Client: Gazprom Neft.
    • Horizontal drilling stability modeling and trajectory sensitivity analysis- a deep carbonate reservoir- Field: SwaraTika (Kurdistan, Iraq), Client: HKN, May-June 2015
    • Sand management geomechanical study- in a loose Sand reservoir- Well N-X, Field: Halfaya (Basra-Iraq), Client: PetroChina- November- December 2014
    • Hydraulic fracturing feasibility geomechanical study- in a Dense Carbonate reservoir- Well N-X, Field: Halfaya (Basra-Iraq), Client: PetroChina- November- December 2014
    • Drilling optimization through mechanical earth modeling, and wellbore stability analysis, Field: Lam (Carbonate, Shale), Turkmenistan- Caspian Sea, Client: DragonOil- October 2014
    • Mechanical earth modeling and wellbore stability analysis for problematic shaly formations including time dependent analysis. Field: Tawke (Kurdistan- Iraq), Client: DNO- May-August 2014
    • Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP) and geomechanical modeling of the well X-III, Field: Shakal (Kurdistan- Iraq), Client: Gazprom- April 2014
  • Experience as well site geologist in:
    • Offshore rigs/ fields (Persian Gulf): Salman, Balal, Reshadat, Forouzan, Hengam
    • Onshore rigs/fields (South west Iran and Persian Gulf Islands): Lavan Island, Kharg Island, Kish Island, Qeshm Island, Ab-Teimour field, Maroon field, Ahwaz field, Karoon field
  • Experience in training courses for staff engineers for Geomechanics
    • Application of rock mechanics/ geomechanics/ geological engineering in petroleum industry
    • Basic geomechanical studies
    • Advanced geotechnical studies and modeling for surface field/ industrial plant problems (slope/ground instability)
    • Presentation of academic courses (physical geology, structural geology, rock mechanics, petroleum geomechanics)



                Rosana Gascón, M.Sc, Geophysicist

                Summary of Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • Over 10 years experience as geophysical data interpreter, PDVSA - Maracaibo, Zulia. Venezuela.
  • Main expertise: New well location in development of prospective reservoirs
  • QC Seismic data, well-seismic calibration, seismic interpretation, structural and stratigraphic modeling, producing maps and reports as deliverables.
  • Prepare seismic data interpretation to make statics models.
  • Excellent team work environment, good understanding of physics, geophysics and geology. Excellent software management, excellent solving-problem skill
  • Skilled in:
  • Integrated Reservoir Studies Methodology
  • 2D-3D seismic interpretation
  • AVO and seismic attributes
  • Land 3D3C Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Seismic data Processing


  • Master in Management Sciences. Caribbean International University. Curacao. 2015 - 2016
  • Geophysical Engineer in Earth Sciences. Universidad Central de Venezuela - Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela. 2003 - 2010
  • Geophysical Software skills:Ipi2win, GMSYS, Surfer, Sigmaplot, and Geopsy, Petrel, Suite Openworks Landmark.
  • Operating System: Windows and Linux. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook



      Delia Anne-Marie Androne, Ph.D.,

      Senior Geochemist,


  • Senior Geochemist with over 25 years of experience and strong academic and industry background in Geochemistry - both Petroleum Organic Geochemistry and Inorganic Geochemistry - applied in numerous projects overseas.
  • Proven track record of successful geochemical work, as associate professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Romania and as a petroleum geochemist / petroleum systems analyst / consultant with the French company Beicip Franlab (IFP Group, Rueil-Malmaison, France) for PDVSA, in Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela and also, for TLC. INVEST, in Bacău, Romania.
  • My expertise with various analytical equipment and subsequent data interpretation, as well as design of well-written reports and pertinent project presentations allowed me to build up a trustful and sustainable relationship with company clients.

              Data interpretation:

  • Pyrolysis Rock-Eval analysis and data interpretation: standard and reservoir modes.
  • Liquid Chromatography (HPLC, MPLC, TLC-FID) - SARA separation analysis.
  • Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) - molecular analysis of the separate fractions: Saturated and Aromatic (biomarkers, diamondoids and other markers analysis and data interpretation).
  • Elemental Analysis (AAS, LIBS, XRF, ICP-MS, ICP-OES etc.) - for major elements (C, H, S etc.), minor and trace elements (V, Ni, Fe etc.) / Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EA-IRMS) - isotope analysis / Electron Micro Probe Analyzer (EMPA) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) - analysis and data interpretation.
  • X-Ray Diffraction technique (XRD) - identification of mineral species.
  • Mineral / rock investigation in thin sections (polarized and reflected light).
  • Various other screening methods for source rocks analysis, including Spectral Fluorescence, Organic Geo-thermometers (Vitrinite Reflectance, Thermal Alteration Index of pollen and spores, Conodont Alteration Index). • Good knowledge of other types of analysis (other than geochemical) used to corroborate geochemical characteristics in vue of subsequent integration within Petroleum System Analysis.
  • Lab work skills - GC-MS, Pyrolysis RockEval 6 and XRD equipments.
  • Conceptual skills concerning the integration of the analytical data obtained through the above-mentioned techniques, in order to solve the main targeted problems in Petroleum Geosciences regarding EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION:
  • Design of source rock screening analysis program.
  • Source rock characteristics assessment (kerogen type, origin of the organic matter, deposition environment and maturity, %TOC, HI, OI, PI, hydrocarbon potential).
  • Oil bulk properties (API gravity, viscosity, % S etc.) and chemical & molecular characteristics (SARA composition; oil fingerprint; biomarkers, diamondoids and other markers).
  • Oil-oil and oil-source rock correlations / Stratigraphic correlation (chemostratigraphy).
  • Assessment of oil migration routes.
  • Good knowledge of Unconventional resources – geochemical and mineralogical / lithological evaluation of gas-shale units (expertise in tectosilicates: feldspars, silica; phyllosilicates: micas, clay minerals; carbonates).
  • Assessment of compartmentalization issues within the reservoir / Barriers in vertical flow.
  • Impact of oil mixing (quality lowering and other negative-triggered events, g. asphaltenes flocculation).
  • Impact of heavy NSO compounds accumulation in the porous media (heavy oils, tar-mat etc.).
  • Assessment of oil alterations in reservoir (biodegradation, water washing, evaporative fractionation).
  • Commingled production allocation.
  • Identification / study of completion problems (g. tubing, casing leaking).
  • GEOLOGY and GEOPHYSICS ENGINEERING - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania (1981-1986: 4+1 years) - bachelor diploma.
  • D. in GEOLOGY - GEOCHEMISTRY - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania (2004) - Ph.D. diploma CUM LAUDAE.
  • CRONUS-EU Cosmogenic Isotopes course - University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2006).
  • PETROLEUM ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY: From kerogen to reservoir basin modeling course - Institut Français du Pétrole, Rueil - Malmaison, France (2010).
  • PETROMOD: Petroleum Systems Modelling Software - Schlumberger, Paris, France (2015).
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English, French and Spanish, helps me work successfully in multi-disciplinary teams within various, multicultural environments.
  • Member of AAPG, GEOCHEMICAL SOCIETY (USA), SGR (Geological Society of Romania), SMR (Mineralogical Society of Romania).